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Airsoft Guns
We offer a good range of airsoft weapons ranging from AEG to Gas Blow Back pistols GBB We stock everything including airsoft pistols airsoft Sniper
Batteries & Chargers
Essential items for all AEG Automatic Electric Guns and other electrically powered products that require a rechargeable battery and a charger
Essential camping items Keywords mess set water bottle hydration poncho assault pack nesting
airsoft accessories for you rifle and airsoft gear
Airsoft Pyrotechnics are only available to persons aged 18 and over It is a criminal offence for a person under the age of 18 to purchase these items
Airsoft replacement and upgrade external parts are available at Tactical shop in Croydon. We can fit them professionally should you wish. We have receiver parts outer barrel and stocks for all makes and model of airsot AEG and Gas weapons these include M4, M16, M14, M249, G36c, MP5, L85, L86, L96 from leading brands such as Classic Army, ICS and King Arms.
Tactical Airsoft Shop Service
Tactical Gear
Pre-assembled rigs, individual pouches for every bit of equipment and retention gear to look after your Airsoft weapons. We stock a range of essential items from a wide range of manufacturers to suit those on a budget and getting into the sport of Airsoft, all the way up to the seasoned professionals. Stocking some of the most well known brands on the market you can build your own rig from scratch to suit your need, either build a whole belt system or go all out with full body armour.
New This Month
raven 1911 railed black/silver + bds
A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured by NUPROL designed to replicate the appearance and feel of a modern MEU 1911 pistol.
vorsk eu18 solid slide gas blowback pistol, black
Based on the EU Series of pistols this replica is part of the VORSK EU range of pistols which are inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competitive pistol designs. Built and designed with input from leading Airsoft players and manufacturers these pistols are the cream of the crop, and come in a multitude of designs with styles to suit every player's taste. This variant in the VORSK G-Series range is based on the G18, and features Semi and Fully Automatic firing modes.
kombat stealth tape - mtp
Multi-surface tape that can be used and re-used for concealment, protection and comfort purposes
kombat spec-ops  jump plate carrier - black
Lightweight Jump Plate Carrier Fully Laden - BTP
kombat spec-ops  jump plate carrier - black
Lightweight Jump Plate Carrier Fully Laden - BTP Black
Best Sellers
An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, base on the AR Platform of Rifles, with updated furniture to bring it into the Modern Era. The rifle features a Polymer Body, with a Polymer Receiver, Pistol Grip, Magazine and Stock, with Alloy Internals, Buffer Tube, Hand guard, Outer Barrel Assembly and Sights.