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Batteries & Chargers

An essential component of every AEG (airsoft electric gun) is the battery. It provides the power necessary to run the motor and make the gun do its job. Having a good battery can really make a big difference. Anyone considering upgrading their AEG has to take the battery into consideration and almost all power upgrades include an upgraded battery. On the other hand, having a low quality battery in a top of the line AEG will drastically reduce its performance.

Please Note: there are many different battery configurations. Not all configurations will be compatible with every AEG. It is important to find out which AEGs are compatible with the different battery configurations.

The Nuprol batteries and chargers that Tactical Airsoft Shop supply are of the highest quality.
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Batteries & Chargers
well battery charger for micro battery r4/r2 series airsoft aep (220v)
CYMA Battery Charger for Micro Battery R4/R2 Series Airsoft AEP (220V)
Design for Battery of WELL R4 / R2 & JG VZ61 / MAC-10 SMG AEG.