Nuprol 7.4v 1100 Lipo stick Battery
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7.4v 100 Lipo Stick Battery
The LiPo is constructed from individual Lithium Polymer cells which are protected by durable shrink wrapping, and feature a mini-Tamiya connector to connect it to your weapon. This compact stick 7.4v 1100mAh Lipo Battery is designed for fitting down the buffer tubes of AEGs such M4 and M16 type Airsoft Electric Guns, however, due to it's the diminutive size it can easily fit in the battery compartments of other Airsoft guns. This is an ideal purchase for an AEG owner wanting to improve their gun's performance with a better trigger response, consistent rate of fire, and overall longer battery life in-game. The batteries have a variety of non-Airsoft uses as well, and can also be used in remote control Cars, Boats, Planes, and other LiPo-safe Toys, as well as in DIY Electronics projects.

Fits down almost all Airsoft M4 Buffer Tubes
20c rating
Stick Type Battery
Package Includes:

7.4v 1100mAh LiPo stick Battery
Instruction Manual
Special Instructions:
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Product code: Code: 8001
Size: 122x35x18mm
NiMH technology means no memory effect Performance is normally 30% to 50% better than that of equivalent NiCd cells
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nuprol 7.4v 1100 lipo stick battery
7.4v 100 Lipo Stick Battery
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Extremely flexible due to the high number of fine strands making up this cable.
Lengh 20cm.
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