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It is no good running out of ammo when you are in the middle of a skirmish, so it is always advisable to take plenty of spare Airsoft gun magazines with you. Ensure you have pre-loaded BB gun magazines ready for when they are most needed, by choosing from the great selection of BB gun accessories we have here.

You can decide from the low, mid and high capacity magazines we have in stock for automatic electric guns (AEGs), while we also have magazines for submachine guns (SMGs), sniper rifles and shotguns, plus gas, electric and spring pistols.
Product Categories
CO2 Magazines
CO2 Magazines
Co2 Bulbs provide a higher strength of Gas and more power to your Airsoft Pistol.
nuprol n-mag mid cap 30/125rnd
Nuprol N-Mag Mid Cap 30/125rnd
Nuprol Mid Cap M4 magazine
NUPROL M4/15/16 330rnd Hi-Cap Flash Metal Magazine - Black
Product code: NEM-002-003
Flash Magazine
Pull Cord Wound
NUPROL Essentials Shotgun 30rnd Shell 4 Pack - Red
Product code: NAC-001-001
Four Pack of Shell
Red / Gold Design
Nuprol N-Mag Flash Mag 300rnd
Product code: NEM-008-001
Flash Magazine
Pull Cord Wound
Raven 1911/MEU MAGAZINE - Black
Product code: RGM-02-01
For Nuprol Raven 1911
Full Alloy Design
Single Stack Mag
NUPROL M4/15/16 Metal Hi-Cap 370rds - Black
Product code: NEM-002-002
Hi-Capa 370rds
Nuprol Raven EU18 25rd Magazine
Product code: RGM-01-01
Nuprol N-Mag High-Cap Mag 350rnd
Product code: NEM-008-003
Lightweight polymer shell
Textured casing for better grip
Redesigned case shape for maximum compatibility with most rifles, including 416 style AEG's
raven hi-capa 4.3/5.1 magazine
Raven HI-CAPA 4.3/5.1 Magazine
25 round capacity Metal Magazine Chunky Base Plate Design