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All airsoft weapons can be 2 tone if required for additional £1.00
Airsoft Guns
jg067 m5-s6 [j.g.works]
This solid as a rock MP5 SD5 is as realistic as you'll get.
g&g arp9 red super ranger aeg with 5″ m-lok rail fire
The G&G ARP9 is a unique and exciting entry into the CQB M4 style rifle AEG category. Extremely compact and lightweight, from afar the ARP9 resembles a traditional M4 type rifle, but when one gets closer, they realize the ARP9 is a completely different beast.
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raven eu17 camo frame & slide +bds
A Gas Blowback Pistol from NUPROL's RAVEN series which features a custom Hydro-Dipped skin, integrated Red Dot Sight, Low-Light Ironsights, a Tactical Rail Slot.
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aps shark full automatic gas pistol (black)
Muzzle energy: 1 J Length of internal barrel: 90 mm Fire mode: auto, single
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jg067 m5-s6 [j.g.works]
JG069 is a replica of most popular SMG`s on world - MP5. Original firearm is commonly used by special forces
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aps scorpion (dual power green gas/co2 version) - black
The Scorpion pistol (Co2 or green Gas) is ready to launch in the market this month. A Pistol that takes either Co2 or Green Gas without modification needs.
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s&t ts21 sar flat top aeg standard version - non-blowback - black
The S&T M4 Slant Cut Keymod 9" Gas Blowback uses the WA gas blowback system
we hi-capa 7 inch full metal dragon model a - black
The full metal slide has been extended on this model to offer a unique M1911 look without losing signature 1911 characteristics. An extended length inner barrel provides enhanced power and accuracy
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cyma cm518 sai rifle (cyma-cm518)
The rifle is constructed mainly from Polymer, with a Polymer Receiver, Sling Plate, Buffer Tube, Hand Guard and Pistol Grip with Alloy Barrel and Internals.
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jg067 m5-s6 [j.g.works]
M5-S6 [WORKS J.G.] is replica of most popular SMG's on world - MP5. Original firearm is commonly used by special force
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g&g arp 556
The CQB beast is back again, and better than ever! This latest top-quality AEG offering from G&G accepts the widely used and Airsoft 5.56mm STANAG magazine - basically any Airsoft M4 magazine - making this incredibly practical for Airsofters with a large stockpile of Airsoft STANAG mags.
raven eu18 camo frame & slide +bds
G&G Whirl Valve External HOP Adjust Ambidextrous Controls A modern Gas Blow Back Pistol which features G&G's Whirl Valve, an external HOP adjust, ambidextrous controls and a tough Polymer construction with lots of beautiful styling.
e&l ak74mn platinum
Beautiful replica of the world-famous AKS74U and one of the most realistic airsoft AKs ever made. With real wood and steel parts, it also has the weight of a real AK.
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ares amoeba am-013 honey badger m4 full rail
Polymer construction with Alloy modular Handguard. Programmable with Ares Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer EFCS
classic army ca53 sub machine - black
The CA53 is a great little package, well built and looks really good! It has a sliding stock making it really compact for all those tight moments, and it also has a very nice metal flashider giving it a nice finishing touch.
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issc by classic army mk16 mod sports line with mosfet (black/tan - ca-sp102p-t)
The Classic Army ISSC MK22 CQC is an officially licensed Airsoft version of the ISSC MK22 rifle.
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jg d90 smg - aeg with inbuilt box magazine & m4 magazine
This is the best weapon for those Airsoft skirmishers who play CQB, or desire a simple to carry
cyma cm028b ak ris sports line (metal gearbox)
Cyma CM028B AK RIS, Metal Barrel Assembly, Bolt Carrier, Upper receiver, Trigger, Sling Mount, Charging Handle, Body Pins and Sights
e&l ak710 sbr platinum
E&L have really taken the AK Airsoft platform to a new level with their airsoft replicas. With the E&L platinum line, you can expect superior quality inside and out.
g&g armament smc9 gas blowback submachine carbine
This gun is based on the G&G GTP-9 gas blowback Airsoft pistol, but with a complete replacement upper receiver to make the ultimate CQB carbine with plenty of kick, noise, and performance. If you think this is just another Gas Blowback, you're mistaken, this is going to change your CQB game.
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we europe 1911 hex style blowback pistol, black
A traditional 1911 with a hex pattern for a beautiful finish.
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double eagle st8 aep pistol (usp - m81)
USP replica. Very nice finish from Double Eagle on this USP. It has a metal gear box and metal receiver, which give you a very realistic feeling.
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g&g aeg l85 afv with etu
Finally an L85 replica with the performance you would expect of a modern Airsoft weapon. G&G has given the L85 AFV their ETU and MOSFET treatment which lets you use 11.1v batteries, meaning a crazy high rate of fire, easy trigger pull and an Earth-shaking piston-driven blowback to top it all off! Oh, and did we mention the free 4 x SUSAT optic?
vorsk eu18 solid slide gas blowback pistol, black
Based on the EU Series of pistols this replica is part of the VORSK EU range of pistols which are inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competitive pistol designs. Built and designed with input from leading Airsoft players and manufacturers these pistols are the cream of the crop, and come in a multitude of designs with styles to suit every player's taste. This variant in the VORSK G-Series range is based on the G18, and features Semi and Fully Automatic firing modes.
a&k casv m4 (short)
A full carbine length platform that has all the high-end features without the high-end price. The CASV is full metal in construction including the signature front rail system, this product includes 3 sections of RIS that can be placed in various places on the rail system for mounting of torches, lasers, grips or even 40mm launchers.