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Airsoft Brands

As Airsoft is an ever-growing sport, there are many new airsoft brands that are trying to innovate the sport by introducing new products and technologies into the market. There is such a wide spectrum of brands that offer many products, whether it is guns, consumables, accessories or clothing, there are many brands that offer different products to suit every price point.

Throughout this list we go through most popular brands that is associate with Airsoft.
A&K are one of many brands that are located in China, mainly known for their AEG’s that are sold at a somewhat lower price point. A&K flagship guns are their mostly known for their support weapon platforms, imitating different versions of light machine guns on different variations of service issued weapons across the world.
AGM is another China based manufacturer, mostly using the M4 AEG platform as their main weapon of production. They are known to use good internal components like high torque motors but also for their lack of external quality. That being said they are placed at a very low price point so they appeal to the beginner/intermediate player.
Aimtop is another Chinese OEM manufacturer that is known for their AEG platform as their most known products are their clone AEG’s. They also sell upgrade parts for the AEG and produce consumables like green gas and bb’s.
APS is a Hong Kong based company that is known for their unique line of airsoft guns. They’ve produced standard AEG’s, but also electric blow back variants that have been quite popular with players across the world. APS also do shell ejecting airsoft guns like their 870 replica shotgun that ejects mock shells that hold a dozen pellets, that replicates the exact function of a real Remington 870 shotgun.
Ares (Amoeba) have been a known company since 2005 with their release of the Walther WA 2000 sniper rifle. Ares have since paired with Amoeba and have released the well-known AAC Honey Badger made famous by popular video game, Call of Duty Ghosts. Ares uses proprietary technology, which does make it advanced level, but this has put off many airsoft techs as this makes them harder to work on. Their weapons are priced somewhat moderately, as you are getting higher-level technology for the price point for their AEG platforms.
ASG (Action Sports Games) is a well-known company that makes a variety of platforms of replica firearms. They adopt many platforms, which makes them a well-rounded company, also releasing consumables like bb. They also sell some rebranded items like eye protection and other articles of tactical clothing. ASG are known for using Co2 as a platform for their weapons, especially their pistols due to their experience with manufacturing co2 powered air guns.
Classic Army is a company based in Hong Kong that has branched into the western market pretty well, as their products are known for very good quality. They have been in business for 11+ years and have gained many real licenses to allow the manufacture and legal distribution of realistic imitation firearms that bare real trademarks of real firearms manufactures, Colt being a large name for one.
Another company based in China, Jing Gong has been a staple for affordable clone AEG’s since 2008. They offer affordable platforms that were adopted by the UK market, and still are to this day. They had to go through a slight re-brand, offering a new line of AR15/M4/M16 Variants as they had some legal issues due to copyrights and ownership of trades.
Cybergun is French company that has licenses from a few real steel arms dealers. They sell RIF’s with the trades of brands like Colt, FN Herstal, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and Mossberg. Although they sell mostly AEG’s like the Famas, one of their most known products is the FNX-45 gas blow back pistol, replicating the modern style pistol that is featured in many popular videogames.
CYMA is a very popular brand for people looking for an introductory platform to those who are getting started. Most variants of CYMA’s products are clones but they do go through moderate quality control so the products are somewhat reliable for the price point they sell for. Known for producing a variety of airsoft guns with different styles, they also produce high-end airsoft rifles that can match the other professional airsoft guns out there.
Double Eagle offer a very affordable price point to those who aren’t looking to skirmish with their guns.
DYTAC (Dynamic Tactical) is another Chinese brand that releases what are regarded as high quality products. They offer many hydrodipped products, which are a big allure to their products, they also have licenses from many real steal manufacturers, which gives them the ability to create replica M4 rail systems that imitate the real steel counterparts.
E&L (Emei Arms) is an upcoming brand that has made a real impression due to their collaboration with a high quality airsoft company. E&L’s products are made from the same externals as a real firearm is, e.g. their AK47’s are made from genuine stamped steel receivers that are converted and modified to fit an airsoft gearbox within them. The products have been created in a way that they won’t ever be able to be converted to a real firearm, but the build quality of these imitation firearms are paramount to real firearms. They have a new M4/AR15 platform, which is in the works that look to be a popular item within those who crave realism within the sport.
Echo 1 is an American company that offers a low to mid range price point. Most American airsoft sites use Echo 1 products as their rental lines as they cheap and adopt the standard version 2 gearbox. Their products can be placed along the same level of reliability as G&G products as they both offer the same price point.
HFC is a Taiwanese company that offers a lower price point as their products are aimed at the budget air softer. They do offer a range of platforms as they produce co2, gas blowback and electric guns. They’re also known for their consumables as they produce their own brand of green gas too.
Elite force is an American brand that associates itself with Umarex. Many elite force guns are produced by VFC, which are then re-branded as Elite Force guns. Umarex also produce gas blow back guns for them, which does boost their reputation for reliable guns. Elite force produces much more accessories than the standard company as they are also partnered with Walther, which produces real steel lasers, sights and optics for sports shooters.
G&G (Guay Guay) is a Taiwanese company that produces one of the most known guns in airsoft. Known both for its reliability and affordability, the Combat Machine is one of the flagship product G&G produces, giving introductory players a great platform for new players to purchase. Started in 1986, G&G have become a staple in airsoft brands, as they continue to innovate existing technologies into lower price points.
G&P began as a flashlight company, starting in Hong Kong; they became a well-known flashlight producer, which held a strange but relative reputation for the company. They produced a gas blow back Dragonuv variant of rifle in 2002, which was their first introductive product to airsoft, since then G&P have become a well regarded name as they produce some of the higher end AEG’s and GBBR’s as they have licensees from known real steel companies like MAGPUL and VLTOR, embellishing these trades onto their products which appeals to the realistic airsoft player.
GHK is a Taiwanese company that began producing gas blow back guns in 2008. They’re known for their high quality gas blow back platforms, creating variations of the M4, AK and G5 platforms, all being regarded as very reliable platforms for the GBB culture. They also produce upgrade parts as they manufacture steel parts that replace stock parts from other GBB companies.
ICS is another Taiwan based manufacturer, which are known for their AEG platform. They produce high quality stock guns that are known for being very reliable as they are one of the norms for rentals in the UK market. ICS have 20 years experience in the market with a somewhat questionable start, but since those models have been revised, ICS has been regarded as an ideal company to support when it comes to their products.
Inokatsu is a Hong Kong based company that produces the most realistic imitation firearms that use the same functions as real steel guns. They have a variety of pistols and rifles like their M4 GBBR which is known as one of the most realistic platforms you can purchase, par a shell ejecting model. Inokatsu strives for realism, hence the adoption by many law enforcement agencies that use Inokatsu products for force on force training due to the realism they give for the M4/AR15 platform.
King Arms is another Hong Kong based airsoft gun manufacturer that produces high quality guns that are aimed at the introductory player. They offer a larger variety of models like their P90 AEG which is a type of AEG not many companies have begun to manufacture, other than Tokyo Marui. King Arms also produces historical replicas like the M1 Thompson, which makes it a popular company for WW2 re-enactors to use.
KWA is an American brand that focuses on the training aspect of airsoft. First producing their AEG line, they swiftly continued to manufacture GBB platforms, such as their MP9, MP7 and their most known LM4, which is popular since the AR15, platform is synonymous with the contemporary gun culture of America. KWA aim their products at the high-end airsofters too, as they have produced replica firearms/guns like the KRISS Vector, made popular by games like Call of Duty Ghosts and Modern Warfare 2.
KWC is a Chinese airsoft manufacturer that mainly produces gas powered airsoft guns; they also produce co2 variants of air guns and airsoft pistols, either firing 4.5mm or 6mm bb’s. KWC are known for producing exotic variants of pistol, like the German Mauser and Mac 11.
Lonex is a Taiwanese company that produces upgrade parts and accessories for airsoft guns. They’re most known for their high torque/high speed motors, as well as their tight bore barrels. They also offer upgraded gear sets that many technicians choose to use. Lonex have released their own AEG, which uses a nice blend of stock, and upgraded parts they produce which gives players a nice upgraded platform they can purchase.
Tanio Koba is a Japanese company that is famous for it’s innovative Twist Barrel. The barrel uses rifling, which creates a cushion of air, which can increase accuracy over stock barrels and even tight bore barrels. They also produce some upgrade parts for gas blow back pistols, especially inner barrels which many airsofters use.

KJ Works is a subsidiary of Tanio Koba, which have released the most realistic GBBR.
Madbull is a well-known company based in Taiwan that manufactures upgrade parts for AEG and GBBR’s. They produce a wide variety of AR15/M4/M16 hand guards, which are very popular since the M4 platform is abundant in airsoft culture. Madbull has licensing from real steel companies like Noveske, Troy, Stark, Vickers Tactical, Barrett, Daniel Defense and Adam’s Arms.
Magpul has had a very large influence on airsoft culture, even though there was a gradual decrease and cease of production by Magpul. Magpul create real steel accessories like stocks, pistol grips, magazines back up iron sights and actual magazine pulls which are copied and faked by many companies that want to tap into the demographic they sell to. Magpul accessories are now licensed and manufactured by PTS Syndicate but Magpul still has a very large influence on airsoft.
Modify is a Taiwanese company that creates what are regarded as high quality upgrade parts for AEG and GBB guns. They’ve released innovative products like a modular gear set and hybrid tight bore barrels, which technicians use across the world.
Polarstar is an American based company that has been revered for their innovation and creation of their HPA (high pressure air) systems and the application of new technology, which has innovated airsoft platforms. Polarstar are undoubtedly one of the most talked about companies in contemporary airsoft culture, as they continue to produce new products that drive the progression of HPA’s integration within airsoft. The first product they released was the Polarstar fusion engine, being able to drop in, as one unit was a great attraction to the system. Polarstar have since released drop in units that need modification, but they are able to lower their price points which can appeal to many lower budget airsofters who can’t afford higher end platforms.
Prometheus (Laylax) is a Japanese company that produces upgrade parts for GBB and AEG platforms. They are most known for their precision barrels and hop up components, which are regarded as one of the highest quality barrels you can purchase. They also produce internal parts for AEG gearboxes that are specified for the original Tokyo Marui AEG gearbox.
Prowin is another Hong Kong based company that produces upgrade parts for the AEG and GBB platform, using machining techniques to upgrade and improve on parts that come stock with guns. They are mostly known for their hop up units, as they are both effective and stylish, giving a nice anodized finish, which is attractive to many airsofters. Their line of GBB upgrade parts are also popular, again using machining techniques to create a variety of parts like nozzles, magazines and firing pins.
PTS is another Hong Kong based company that is very popular amongst airsoft players striving for realism. PTS, standing for Professional Training & Simulation focus on the personal training aspect of airsoft, as their products all have a very set agenda in mind, to replicate the real steel counterpart. They only sell GBB rifles due to the identical operation of the platforms, whilst also producing parts with real steel licensing like rail systems, magazines and stocks. PTS famously have the license from Magpul to create official airsoft replicas; so many players wanting to have the top end gear will flock to PTS. PTS also co-operate with brands like KWA, as the manufacture of their flagship gun, the PTS MKM is produced by KWA, as is their “flip out gun”, the FMG (Foldable Machine Gun).
SHS is another Chinese brand that sells a large variety of AEG upgrade parts, whilst also selling a few GBB parts for the WA platform. Although they sell guns on their website, they haven’t hit the domestic markets very well, as the presence of their “super shooter” line is non existent in the UK market. SHS are very well known for their well-priced upgrade parts, such as their motors, gear sets, cylinders, barrels and hop ups. Although there are some murmurs of quality control which lacks in some products. The overall reputation of SHS is positive however; offering competitively priced upgrade parts for the beginner-intermediate airsoft tech that wants to upgrade their AEG.
STAR is a Taiwanese brand, dating back many years as it’s on of the oldest brands that are still producing new products. Most known for their incredibly affordable magazines, STAR continues to release their line of AEG’s, replicating real steel firearms like the famous M4 platform, and the FN Scar. STAR also have a line of gas sniper rifles which is gaining popularity as it offers a new platform for long range players to adopt.
Swiss Arms is surprisingly a Swiss company that deals and produces small arms within the real steel world. Now being owned by another firearms manufacturer, SIG (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) they now produce SIG firearms like the SG 551 – 3. Within airsoft, Swiss Arms sell a variety of accessories like holsters, magazine pouches, and optics, as many of these products are offered to the real steel market. Swiss arms also produces many co2 airguns, which all seem to have airsoft variants with a 6mm ammo adapter, although many are only suitable for private use as their FPS range is too high for most airsoft sites around the world.
Systema is a Japanese company that is highly revered as a pinnacle of airsoft when it comes to training with an electric airsoft gun. Systema PTW’s are place at a high price point due to the engineering involved within the mechanisms and the technology within their gearboxes. Much like the Inokatsu variations of the AR/M4 platforms for the gas blow back platforms, Systema is seen as the most realistic and most reliable AEG you can buy. PTW stands for personal training weapon, which gives you a slight indication of the intended demographic that Systema are aimed for.
Tokyo Marui is one of the innovators of airsoft. With the brand established in 1965, Tokyo Marui have paved the way for almost every airsoft company to date. Every airsoft manufacturer that produces AEGs based of the Version 2 platform has in effect copied Tokyo Marui’s original design, as the first select fire AEG was produced by Tokyo Marui. Their designs have continued to be replicated by other brands as they produce a high end line of GBB pistols, with all of the designs being replicated by brands like WE. Many regard Tokyo Marui as the pinnacle of airsoft, as their products are second to none with regards to build quality, the reliability and overall function of their products. Tokyo Marui didn’t have many official licenses up until recently; so many of their products were incredibly difficult to import hence a major lack of stock within other markets. With that being said, Tokyo Marui has still remained one of the highly regarded manufacturers due to their history and long line of quality products.
Tippmann is a renowned paintball company that has made lasting impression within airsoft culture. They have applied their paintball technology into an airsoft platform in the form of their flagship product, the “Tippmann M4”, the main attraction the Tippmann is it’s induction of HPA power, with added recoil, giving great reliability and response with the user, making it a great platform for players into military simulation, or just looking for a more exciting experience from airsoft.
Umarex is a German manufacturer of airguns, airsoft guns and other ballistic equipment that are licensed by the real steel companies that want a airsoft/airgun variant of their firearms. Working very closely with H&K – (Heckler & Koch), they’ve produced many of their tactical firearms like the famous MP5, MP7, and UMP.45, with most of these variants of sub machine guns coming in both AEG and GBB platforms. They also create variants of the G36 line and the piston operated 416/417, famous within the real steel market for their reliability and dexterity. Umarex OEM for many companies like Elite Force, whilst their Gas blowback lines are often OEM’d by VFC.
WA (Western Arms) is a Japanese company that sells predominantly GBB platforms, using their own design for their rifle and pistol platforms. Their flagship product is their M4 platform, with many companies using their design to create their own products. The WA GBB platform has been cited as a more reliable option with GBBR platforms, as their quality seems to be improved when compared to other brands.
WE tech is a Taiwanese company that produces a wide variety of AEG and GBB platforms. For their AEG products, they have created their “Katana” line, using a split gearbox design that is similar to the ICS and Systema profile, offering a quick-change design that can be quickly swapped for different power settings for different air cylinders. Their GBB line uses their own and some copied designs, as their pistols are based off of most Tokyo Marui lines as most, if not all parts are cross compatible, WE create their Glock, 1911 and M&P lines which all lack trades due to lack of licensing. This crosses over to their rifles as they currently haven’t obtained the legal right to bare trades on their products. Their GBBR mechanics are somewhat proprietary, as they offer a different system than the KWA and WA systems are using.