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vorsk 0.40g 1100rd bottle
Vorsk 0.40G 1100rd bottle
5.95 mm (+/- 0.01 mm), Triple Polished for Enhanced Flight
NUPROL RZR 0.25g Green Tracer BB's x 3300
Approx 3300 BBs 0.25g in Weight
NP RZR 1000rnd 0.40g BB's
Product code: RZR-040 White Colour 1000 BBs Per Pot Improve Accuracy & Range e Airsoft sniper 6mm BB pellet that also works!
NUPROL RZR 0.28g Precision BB's x 3300
Product code : RZR-028Approx 3300 BBs0.28g in WeightWhite BBs
Out Of Stock
NUPROL RZR 0.25g Precision BB's x 3300
Product code : RZR-025Approx 3300 BBs0.25g in WeightWhite BBs
NUPROL RZR 0.20g Precision BB's x 3300
Product code: RZR-020Approx 3300 BBs0.20g in WeightWhite BBs