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Raven Pistol Thread Adapter
Allows the use of Suppressor
Fits to Threadded Outer Barrel
For 14mm CCW Suppressor
Nuprol AC100 Chronograph
Product code: NP-AC100
Built-in rechargable lithium battery
USB charging port. (USB lead included)
FMA Single Clamp for 1 flashlight - Tan
Ring Diameter: 1''
Fit Helmet rail
Rotatable Design
Holosight Protective Lens Cover for 551, 552, and 553 Dot Sight
Made by 2mm acrylic material
Suitable for Eotech 551/552/553
Avoid damaging the holographic sight
Nuprol Lens Protector Tactical Scope Red Dot (Folding Cover w/2 Spare Lens)
Rail mounted plastic protection shield comes with two plastic shields colored in amber and clear.
Fit on to 20mm ris rail