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Other Variants

Bullpup airsoft guns are a compact and powerful. They are similar to an airsoft rifle but shorter, and the setup is a little different in terms of the trigger, magazine, and mag placement. These AEGs are easier to carry than most airsoft rifles due to the smaller size.
Other Variants
jg d90 smg - aeg with inbuilt box magazine & m4 magazine
JG P90 SMG - AEG with Inbuilt Box magazine & M4 Magazine - Black
This is the best weapon for those Airsoft skirmishers who play CQB, or desire a simple to carry
g&g aeg l85 afv with etu
G&G AEG L85 AFV with ETU
Finally an L85 replica with the performance you would expect of a modern Airsoft weapon. G&G has given the L85 AFV their ETU and MOSFET treatment which lets you use 11.1v batteries, meaning a crazy high rate of fire, easy trigger pull and an Earth-shaking piston-driven blowback to top it all off! Oh, and did we mention the free 4 x SUSAT optic?
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