G&G Armament 0.20g P.S.B.P Competition Grade 6mm BB 1KG Bag
Item code: GG-07-096
£ 10.00
A 1KG bag containing approximately 5000 high quality competition grade 0.20g Airsoft BBs, constructed from polymer, and are polished to provide a smoother aerodynamically enhanced external surface.
The bag of 5000 0.20g BBs itself is a 1 KG bag, targeted at those who believe in the notion of 'Accuracy through Superior Firepower', giving players enough BBs for a full day, or perhaps just half a day for those happy support gunners with, particularly itchy trigger fingers. The BBs are White in color and come in a vacuum-sealed bag, which once open can be resealed to hold the BBs inside, prevent spillage and protect them from dirt and dust. These BBs are part of G&G's competition-grade range, meaning they are of the highest quality and build standard. 

1KG Bag
Perfect for a full days excessive shooting
White in colour
5.95mm Size
0.01mm +/- tolerance
Resealable Bag
Part of G&G's Competition Grade Range

Package Includes:
0.20g P.S.B.P Competition Grade 6mm BB 1KG Bag
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