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WE 2.0 Green Gas 300g
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Product code: 9031Higher quality silicone lubricant insideMetal Fill Nozzle CFC Free Formula

WE 2.0 Green Gas is designed to be a cleaner and higher performing alternative to the standard green gases on the market, and over the last few years, it has become the most popular gas in the marketplace and the go-to gas for almost all airsofters.

This airsoft gas is available for use with non-blowback and gas blowback pistols and rifles, and could give your gun a small increase in power over some of the other airsoft gas for sale.

it comes in a large 300G bottle with an attractive green and black livery and contains a clean blend of propane gas and silicone lubricant, and is a good and cheap alternative to some of the other green gas manufacturers. (we also sell this gas in a handy smaller can that fits in tactical vest pouches)

as this gas contains some silicone oil this means as you use it, it will effectively lubricate your gas valves and help prevent drying out of seals and o-rings in your gun, mag and any moving parts the gas comes into contact with, this means you will not have to manually lubricate the weapon as much as you would if using a "dry" gas.

Product Details:
Gas Type: Green Gas
Container: Aluminium
Nozzle Type: Metal
Weight: 85g

Metal nozzle
Higher quality silicone lubricant inside
CFC Free Non Hazardous Formula

Package Includes:
WE 2.0 Green Gas

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