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g&g armament smc9 gas blowback submachine carbine
G&G Armament SMC-9 Gas Blowback Submachine Carbine
This gun is based on the G&G GTP-9 gas blowback Airsoft pistol, but with a complete replacement upper receiver to make the ultimate CQB carbine with plenty of kick, noise, and performance. If you think this is just another Gas Blowback, you're mistaken, this is going to change your CQB game.
jg d90 smg - aeg with inbuilt box magazine & m4 magazine
JG P90 SMG - AEG with Inbuilt Box magazine & M4 Magazine - Black
This is the best weapon for those Airsoft skirmishers who play CQB, or desire a simple to carry
we smg-8 gbb  rifle - black
The WE SMG-8 (MP7) is based on the MP7, with the main noticeable difference being the raised Picatinny rail a long the top receiver.