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Enola Gaye MK5 Thunderflash
£ 3.00
Fuse Delay: Approx 4-6 secondsEffect: Loud Noise ReportWater Resistant Outer: NoNoise Level: Max 120db @ 10M

The MK5 Thunderflash is the benchmark product for distraction and diversion. Airsoft and Paintball players use this product to divert their opponents attention when they cant get an aim on them, a simple but very effective product designed to mimic the version used by the military. The Enola Gaye version is tested and approved for use in paintball and airsoft without the military intensity of throwing real grenades at each other.

The effect of a MK5 is just a loud high pitched noise effect; the ignition system is our trusted friction igniter, just snap off the cap and strike it against the fuse.

Fuse Delay: Approx 4-6 seconds
Effect: Loud Noise Report
Effect Duration: Instant
Effect Payload: fragmentation of cardboard tube
Ignition Type: Friction
Composition: Weight 0.5 grams
Size: 20mm diameter x 195mm high
Water Resistant Outer: No
Noise Level: Max 120db @ 10M
CE Classification: P1

The only groups of people now allowed to purchase Pyrotechnics are Film, TV, Museums, Theatres, Crown Servants, people engaged in Re-enactement activities and airsoft skirmishing. All these purchasers must be over 18 years of age.

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