Gearbox / Internal Part's

SHS M100 Upgrade Spring for AEG

Weight - 20g
fps 320 - 340fps
Material - Metal

SHS AEG springs are designed to offer absolute peak performance without charging a premium. 
These springs are designed to deliver reliable and consistent FPS output with every shot, helping to increase range and improve your accuracy.

Quality Construction: SHS's AEG gearbox springs are made from high strength silver piano wire. This no-frills approach to construction provides exactly what it's designed to do at an amazing price.

Power Options: These AEG Springs follow the M100. This is the power output of the spring in m/s (Meters per second) with 0.2g BBs, this can then be converted to FPS. SHS rate the M90 at 90m/s, the M100 spring at 100m/s, the M110 at 110m/s etc. (Multiply these numbers by 3.3 to convert to FPS (feet per second))

SHS M100 AEG upgrade spring.
Supreme quality airsoft electric gun spring.

SHS model no. - M100
Weight - 20g
fps 320 - 340fps.
Material - Metal

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