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Nuprol 50 Degree AEG Hop-up Rubber - Clear

Product code: NUP-18-01
Includes Bucking
50 Degrees Of Hardnes

The Nuprol hop up bucking improve shooting accuracy, ballistic trajectory stability, air-tightness & firmness. 
Constructed of Silica Gel that is hard to be deteriorated by atomized oil grease when shooting at Fully/Semi Auto mode. 
Packing has the tolerance against hot exhaustion that causes hardening and deterioration

Product Details:
Name Designation: 50 Degree AEG Hop-up Rubber - Clear
Manufacturer: Nuprol
Construction: Silicon
Compatibility: Airsoft AEG

50° Hop Up Rubber
Great for Colder Temperature Weather
Includes nub
A softer rubber that is easy to install in most hop units
Soft nub for lifting lighter BBs

Package Includes:
50 Degree AEG Hop-up Rubber - Clear
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Brand Guarder
Condition New