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Kombat Large Mesh Googles Green

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Mesh Lenses
No Fogging Up
Adjustable Strap
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Kombat- Large Mesh Goggles Eye Protection allows you to protect your eyes during any Airsoft Skirmish  without the risk of steaming up or obscuring your vision. The headband is made from durable elastic and is padded with soft stitched fabric designed to give you a comfortable fit which will not fall off. The goggles lenses are spaced to allow the maximum amount of light possible though, without impacting on your safety. 

Product Details:
Manufacturer: Kombat
Materials: Polymer Frame, Mesh Eye Piece and Elastic Strap
Size: One size fits all, adjustable via Adjustable strap

Ventilated Frame to keep you cool
Sponge padded Frames
Adjustable Elastic Head Band
Tough fabric headband for a stronger grip on your head
Sponge padding gives the goggles a super comfortable fit
Great eye seal for safety
Steel Mesh Build
Mesh lens has a central support for increased safety

Package Includes:
Large Mesh Goggles Eye Protection
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