Kombat - M9 Plastic Airsoft Knife


The M9 Bayonet is a multipurpose tactical knife that was adopted by the United States military in the mid-1980s. It soon found its way into many Army and Marine Corp units as a standard issue knife. The M9 was also designed to be affixed to the front of issued M4 and M16 rifles. While the Lancer Tactical's replica of the knife is made of a rubber and ABS, it is still pretty durable. The "blade" is about 7 inches and features a serrated back. As it is a bayonet, the replica M9 features both an opening on the hand guard and a channel on the base of the handle to attached it to barrels of M4 and M16 airsoft guns. The handle Lancer Tactical's knife is constructed out ABS plastic and is light textured. This makes it to grip even when the handle or the user's hands are either dirty or wet. The sheath is ambidextrous in design as the bayonet can be inserted easily with either the left or right hand with the bladed edge facing either way. It is constructed out of the same light weight ABS plastic and can be mounted to most belts via the buckle and loop strap. This is a great product for players who want to get up close and personal with their opponent. The replica knife is light weight and easy to wield, making it great for close quater games.


Flexible ABS plastic
Can be used as a training aid
Blade length: 16cm
Overall length: 29cm

Please use this product responsibly and follow your local skirmish site rules regarding replica/plastic knives.

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Condition New