Electric Pistols - AEP

CYMA Desert Eagle AEP (CM121)

Package Includes: AEP, battery, magazine, charger, BB loader and manual.

CYMA has made a great Airsoft Electric Pistol with Desert Eagle. Its solid design, realistic styling, and incredible accuracy make this a sought after airsoft sidearm or primary CQB weapon. This is not a cheap airsoft pistol, it’s a high quality, solid Electric Airsoft pistol by CYMA.

Metal Gearbox (2008 version)
220FPS with 0.2g BBs
Magazine Capacity 32rds
Overall Length 220mm
Barrel Length   110mm
Weight  840g
Battery 7.2V 500Mah NiMh battery

Package Includes: AEP, Battery, Magazine, Charger, BB Loader, Manual

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Brand CYMA
Condition New