Silicon and Gun Grease

Abbey Gun Grease LT2

Use this long term
High performance moly grease on metal gear sets for trouble free shooting.

Abbey Gun Grease LT2 is a long-term grease for use on metal slides, gear sets, triggers and sears where extreme pressures exist. Containing Molybdenum disulphide, it has a very low coefficient of friction making for fast, smooth action.

Extremely stable, making for a long-lasting lubricant which can be used on concealed friction surfaces with confidence
Its high temperature characteristics make it ideal for use in high usage guns
Anti-corrosion additives ensure no rusting or pitting will weaken or reduce the effectiveness of moving parts, assuring you smooth and fast action at all times
Abbey Gun Grease LT2 is a moly-based grease intended for use on high load metal to metal friction surfaces


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