Vapextech 7.4V 1450mAh 20C LiPo cranstock battery with case
Item code: LP208
£ 15.00
Capacity: 1450mAh 
Weight: 70g  
Max Discharge Current: 29.0 Amps Continuous, 58.0 Amps Burst
Max Charge Current: 1.4 Amps  
Max Charge Voltage:  8.5v 4.25v per cell
Cut off Voltage: 6.0v 3.00v 
Wire gauge: 16awg High temp silicon
Size: Height  6mm, Length 129mm, Width 22mm       
Supplied as standard terminated in a mini-Tamiya style connector
The battery comes with balancing lead with a 3 pin JST-XH connector, 
the most common type around & fully compatible with our lipo chargers.
Read instructions for safe use of charging & storage.
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