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Bullpup airsoft guns are a compact and powerful. They are similar to an airsoft rifle but shorter, and the setup is a little different in terms of the trigger, magazine, and mag placement. These AEGs are easier to carry than most airsoft rifles due to the smaller size.
Airsoft Guns
s&t ts21 sar flat top aeg standard version - non-blowback - black
The S&T M4 Slant Cut Keymod 9" Gas Blowback uses the WA gas blowback system
classic army ca53 sub machine - black
The CA53 is a great little package, well built and looks really good! It has a sliding stock making it really compact for all those tight moments, and it also has a very nice metal flashider giving it a nice finishing touch.
issc by classic army mk16 mod sports line with mosfet (black/tan - ca-sp102p-t)
The Classic Army ISSC MK22 CQC is an officially licensed Airsoft version of the ISSC MK22 rifle.
Out Of Stock
jg d90 smg - aeg with inbuilt box magazine & m4 magazine
This is the best weapon for those Airsoft skirmishers who play CQB, or desire a simple to carry
g&g aeg l85 afv with etu
Finally an L85 replica with the performance you would expect of a modern Airsoft weapon. G&G has given the L85 AFV their ETU and MOSFET treatment which lets you use 11.1v batteries, meaning a crazy high rate of fire, easy trigger pull and an Earth-shaking piston-driven blowback to top it all off! Oh, and did we mention the free 4 x SUSAT optic?