NUPROL RZR 0.25g Green Tracer BB's x 3300
Item code: RZR-025TG
£ 20.00
Approx 3300 BBs 0.25g in Weight
0.25g 5.95mm green tracer BBs, which offer Airsofters both the ability to clearly see their shots and have an increase in stability compared to lighter 0.20g BBs. The BBs are constructed from Polymer, and are 5.95mm in diameter, with a +/- 0.01mm Tolerance and will illuminate when fired through an Airsoft Tracer Unit. These BBs are specifically built using a special coloring, which allows the BBs to absorb light and glow in the dark, allowing you to see the trajectory of your BBs even in dark environments when partnered with a Tracer Unit. This weight of BBs are less affected by the wind and are great for CQB and Indoor Environments. These BBs are perfect for any Airsoft Skirmisher looking for their next go-to brand of BB, and for those looking for a more reliable and consistent BB.

Glow in the Dark BBs
Illuminates when fired through a Tracer Unit
Great for Intermediate Airsoft Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols
Great for CQB and Indoor Environments
Newly Designed Bottle Shape
Approx. 3.3k BBs per Bottle
5.95mm +/- 0.01mm tolerance

Package Includes:
RZR 0.25g Precision Tracer BB x3300
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