NUPROL Premium Silicone Gun Oil
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Product code: 9033180ml ContentsRestore SealsImprove Performance
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NUPROL - Premium Silicone Gun Oil is a can of silicon spray lubricant which is used to maintain your Airsoft Guns and Parts. The silicon lube comes in a spray can and contains 180ml of Silicon Lubricant. The lubricant is used to maintain and keep o-rings fresh, keeping your guns leak free and fresh. The silicon lube can also be used to improve performance by reducing friction and there for reduce gas consumption and wear. Unlike none-silicon based lubricants this spray will not degrade rubber and soft polymer. This is a must have for any Airsoft Skirmisher who values their kit and likes to keep it maintained.

Product Details:
Contents: 180ml
Patrol Base Gas Nozzle Extension

Used for general Airsoft Maintenance 
Used to maintain Seals and O-Rings on Airsoft Guns
Silicon Oil, designed not to degrade Soft Polymers
Improves performance by reducing friction

Package Includes:
Premium Silicone Gun Oil

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