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NUPROL 2.0 Mini GREEN Gas 85g
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Product code: 9043 85g Gas Bottle Metal Fill Nozzle CFC Free Formula
This type of green gas is used to fill GBB Pistols and rifles magazines. The gas comes in a smaller bottle than the traditional NUPROL 2.0 Gas, which is designed to fit into pouches and pockets for easy carrying during an Airsoft Skirmish. The Gas is an excellent all year round gas from NUPROL. This gas is a must have for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has a Gas Blowback Pistol, Carbine or Rifle and wants to re-gas their magazines in the field, allowing them to play for longer.

Product Details:
Gas Type: Green Gas
Container: Aluminium
Nozzle Type: Metal
Weight: 85g

Mini Bottle Design for fitting inside Pouches and Pockets
Metal nozzle
Higher quality silicone lubricant inside
CFC Free Non Hazardous Formula

Package Includes:
2.0 Mini GREEN 85g Gas - Green

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