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Modify Torus Reinforced Version 2 Gearbox (8mm)
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Modify Torus Reinforced Version 2 Gearbox (8mm)
Modify's newest product and possibly their best yet.  

Brand new from Modify is possibly the finest replacement gearbox yet. The Torus has been designed up for precision, longevity and performance. Modify have reinforced the front end both externally and internally to banish the cracked front-end problem that has plagued version 2 gearboxes. This requires a modified tappet plate which is supplied with the box. Also included is a Torx driver for the oversized steel screws used to secure the box. Access slots have been machined into the casing to allow inspection and lubrication without disassembly. Fluting has been cast into the box to improve heat dissipation and rigidity.

Fluted gearbox casing increasing strength. Reduces weight and dissipates heat more efficiently, allowing Torus to run cooler than conventional gearboxes
Inspection Ports allow for instant visual checks of the gearbox internals and enable lubrication without disassembly
Oversize, high-torque screws ensure a secure fit and prevent loosening of gearbox and components.

Package Includes:
Torx key T10
Screw set


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