LCT TX-65-Black
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An electric powered AK platform replica which features a tactical railed handguard, Stamped Steel receiver and Steel skeleton stock

This Airsoft replica is powered by electric and accepts a stick battery underneath the dust cover. It is an adaptation of the traditional AKM platform Assault Rifle which features a modern 20mm railed handguard for accessories as well as skeleton folding stock to rapidly reduce the overall length of the rifle.

The 20mm railed handguard is made to a high standard from Alloy and features numbered rail slots for enhanced realism. This is great for those who love the layout of the AK platform but are turned off by an inability to add tactical accessories out of the box. The receiver has been made to a highly realistic standard via Stamped Steel, in the same way that the real thing is built. This also means that you get the amazing oily smell out of the box, which is residue from the stamping process, and a nice reminder that your AK replica has been built to the highest standard. The folding stock makes transport of the replica very easy, and ensures it will fit in smaller cases that its fixed stock brethren. To operate the folding stock you simply need to press the button on the underside rear of the receiver and fold it closed. To open it up again press the button and move it outwards where it will lock in the open position. Internally the rifle features a 9mm bearing Version 3 gearbox, coupled with a CNC Aluminium Piston Head and Cylinder Head, as well as a 22,000RPM motor and 18AWG wiring.

The replica is top wired, and features a Mini-Tamiya connector inside the dust cover, which is easily accessed by pressing the release at the rear of the dust cover and removing it. The ironsights at the front are quickly adjustable for range, which could actually be useful in an Airsoft skirmish. There is a front and rear sling loop for the addition of either a traditional AK sling or any kind of standard sling that you want to use. The fire controls will be familiar to anyone who has used an AK platform replica before, and the ambidextrous magazine release will be a welcome addition to any left handed players who want to use this platform. The HOP is adjusted via a slider, which is easily accessed by pulling back on the charging handle. The bird cage flash hider at the end of the muzzle can be unscrewed (spring loaded pin needs to be held back) to reveal a 14mm CCW thread for the addition of suppressors, tracer units and other muzzle devices.

Included in the box is a Polymer mid-cap replica of the Waffle style 7.62x39mm magazine with a 130rnd capacity, which is loaded via a speedloader from the top of the magazine and will feed BBs until empty unlike a high-cap. This AEG is perfect for those who are looking for a realistically built AK replica which features the ability to add tactical accessories, and can be made much shorter in seconds for CQB situations and transport or storage.


  • Stamped Steel Receiver
  • 20mm Railed Handguard
  • Numbered Rail Slots
  • Tactical AK Platform Replica
  • Highly Realistic Construction
  • 9mm Bearing Gearbox
  • CNC Aluminium Piston Head
  • CNC Aluminium Cylinder Head
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Bird Cage Style Flash Hider
  • Top Wired / Mini Tam
  • Easy to Transport
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release
  • Slider Type HOP Adjust
  • Adjustable Ironsights
  • Front & Rear Sling Loops
  • 130rnd Mid Cap Magazine
  • Version 3 Gearbox
  • 18AWG Wiring
  • 365mm Inner Barrel
  • 59/84cm Total Length
  • 3.35KG Total Weight
  • 22,000RPM Motor
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