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FMA Holosight Protective Lens Cover for 551, 552, and 553 Dot Sight
£ 6.00(Ex VAT £5.00)
Made by 2mm acrylic materialSuitable for Eotech 551/552/553Avoid damaging the holographic sight
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FMA clear acrylic shield protects against BB Impacts and is suitable for Eotech style sights (551, 552 and 553)
Lightweight and easy to fit, simply slots into place.

Please note, these are not indestructible, designed at the very least to take the sting out of a BB avoiding damage to your lens

Made by 2mm acrylic material.
Avoid damaging the holographic sight.

Color: Clear
Screen dimension: 41mm(W) x 30mm(H) x 2mm(D)

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