Element Tappet Plate for Version 2 AEG Gearbox
Item code: TAS00150
£ 8.00(Ex VAT £6.67)
Reliable, Long life partPolymer Construction

Tappet plates are vital parts for your gearbox, platform specific they all feature suble differences and thus will not work in just any old gearbox. Your tappet plate times the Pick up of the next BB into the chamber in time with the cylic action of your gearbox and enables smooth mili-second perfect shooting.

These Element tappet plated are made of a high strength yet polyer easily able to stand up to the vibrations of full automatic gearbox operation.

Polymer Construction
Platform Specific
High Quality Upgrade Part
For Tokyo Marui Compatable Version.2 Rifles
Red Colour
Reliable, Long life part

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