Double Eagle M56c Tr Shotgun
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DE M3 Pump Action Multi Shot Airsoft Shotgun w/ Retractable Stock
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The newest shotgun design from DE, this Multi-Shot Triple Burst Tactical heavyweight CQB shotgun is the newest and best shotgun on the market, featuring THREE barrels combined into one super-reinforced barrel to maximize power and tactical efficiency.  Three BBs shoot out after EVERY single pump, making this the fastest-shooting airsoft shotgun on the market. 

This is the extended extra-long version of the standard tactical shotgun, and is consequently the biggest and baddest multi-shot shotgun w/ retractable stock in the entire line-up from Double Eagle.  It most resembles the real extended-length M3 shotgun being used worldwide by Police and Military forces, and has such a realistic and hefty feeling in the hand.

The retractable stock enables you to choose the stock length that is most suitable for your unique shooting situation.

Comes with one shotgun shell mag which holds up to 30 rounds, along with a handy BB speedloader to quickly load the shell.
Operation:  Pump action
Firing Modes:  Triple-Burst pump action
Muzzle Velocity: 330FPS
Magazine: shotgun shell holds 30 rounds
Hop-up:  Fixed
Weight:  6 pounds

Package includes:
Instruction manual
Shotgun shell mag
Pack of bbs
BB speedloader
Tactical sling 
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M56B Pump Action Shotgun (which can take 3 x 10 Shell Magazine) shoots 3 pellets at a time with the very good designed 3 separate metal barrels. . Due to the longer barrel it has more accuracy in the Shotgun series of Double Eagle.
DE M3 Pump Action Multi Shot Airsoft Shotgun w/ Retractable Stock
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