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8Fields Tactical - Lightweight Low Profile Chest Rig - Woodland
£ 15.00
Lightweight Rig 4 x Magazine Pouch 2 x Pistol Pouch
8Fields Tactical - Lightweight Low Profile Chest Rig - Multicam is a low profile, light weight chest rig, designed to be as minimalist as possible whilst at the same time allowing you to store multiple magazines in easy to reach locations. The rig comes with 4x Large Magazine Pouches, and 2x Pistol Magazine pouches and is constructed from 600D Nylon, making it strong and durable. Each large magazine pouch can hold either 2x STANAG Magazine, or 1x G36 Style magazine, with the pistol pouches holding one magazine each. The pouches on the rig are secured with velcro, allowing you to keep them safe even when running around the field. The back and shoulder straps of the rig are fully adjustable, making the rig one size fits all. This is the perfect rigging for those Airsoft Skirmisher who like to run around as quickly as possible, keeping their magazines as close and secure as possible.
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